fastai/fastpages: Blogging with Jupyter Notebooks

From the project page:

fastpages uses GitHub Actions to simplify the process of creating Jekyll blog posts on GitHub Pages from a variety of input formats.

fastpages provides the following features:

  • Create posts containing code, outputs of code (which can be interactive), formatted text, etc directly from Jupyter Notebooks; Notebook posts support features such as:
    • Interactive visualizations made with Altair remain interactive.
    • Hide or show cell input and output.
    • Collapsable code cells that are either open or closed by default.
    • Define the Title, Summary and other metadata via a special markdown cells
    • Ability to add links to Colab and GitHub automatically.
  • Support for comments, supported natively through GitHub Issues.
  • Built-in search.
  • Support for customizing the styling of your site.
  • Embed Twitter cards and YouTube videos.
  • Categorization of blog posts by user-supplied tags for discoverability.
  • Create and edit Markdown posts.
  • Create posts, including formatting and images, directly from Microsoft Word documents.
  • Write posts on your local machine and preview them with live reload.

See the project for more details.